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Texas Insurance ADJUSTER Property & Casualty Licensing Course & Exam approved
 by the Texas Department of Insurance  STATE APPROVAL NUMBER  8675

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Texas All Lines Insurance Adjuster (Classroom Equivalent)

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Reciprocity in 15 states!
The TX Resident Adjuster license is considered 
the most valuable adjuster license in the country

South Dakota, 
North Dakota, 
Pennsylvania & 
New Jersey

When you have a Texas Insurance Adjusters License, it's like having a license in 15 states!
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The TX Resident Adjuster license is considered the most valuable adjuster license in the country. Over 15 states recognize this license via reciprocity thus allowing an adjuster to enjoy a wide scope of operation as long as any unique state regulations are also met. This broad license make an adjuster much more valuable. 

Texas All Lines Insurance Adjuster (Classroom Equivalent)       $199.95        $169.96*   

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You are about to earn one of the most respected insurance certifications in America - the All Lines Adjuster License. The All Lines Adjuster course is a TDI approved Pre-License, Classroom Equivalent course. 

The All Lines license allows an adjuster to work claims in the following areas:
  •   Residential – property used primarily for dwelling
  •   Commercial – property used for business, recreation, worship
  •   Auto – cars, motorcycles, and covered vehicles used for non-commercial transport
  •   Farm & Ranch – dwelling, outbuildings, barns, animals, equipment, crops in storage
  •   Inland Marine – commercial trucks in transit and their cargo; docks, piers, bridges
  •   Ocean Marine – sea vessels and their cargo
  •   Workers Comp – workers injured while on the job 

  • This comprehensive course will prepare you for the final exam that will certify you as a knowledgeable, professional insurance adjuster in the state of Texas. The Texas All Lines Adjuster license will allow you to work in the state of Texas, as well as in multiple states offering reciprocity.
  • Earning the Texas Insurance Adjuster license requires attentive study, but this course will walk you through each step with clear explanations and application questions to evaluate and apply your growing knowledge.
  • Upon successful completion of the final exam, you will be ready to start the application process with TDI formally obtain your Texas All Lines Adjuster license.

Final Exam information:

Successful candidates need to pass a 2 ½ hour, 150 multiple choice final exam with a score of 70% or better. 70 % of questions are application based and 30% memory. The final exam must be monitored by a disinterested third party who must sign an Affidavit verifying exam compliance.
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Texas Ultimate Success Licensing Package: 
All Lines Adjuster + Live Instructor                                $249.95        $212.46*       

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This comprehensive course will prepare you for the final exam that will certify you as a knowledgeable, professional insurance adjuster, not only in Texas, but in the multiple states that offer reciprocity, as long as you also satisfy any unique state-based requirements. Earning the Texas Insurance Adjuster license requires attentive study, but this course will walk you through each step with clear explanations and application questions to evaluate and apply your growing knowledge.

Course access:
You will have access for 365 days from date of purchase to complete your course.

Instructor Connect:
This valuable resource provides access to a live instructor, for 30 days from date of purchase, who can tutor you on difficult concepts, answer any questions that you may have concerning the course content, work with you on overcoming test anxiety or simply clarify test procedures for your State Licensing Exam.

Exam Remediation:
If you should fall short on your first attempt to pass the State Exam, you are encouraged to send your results to your instructor. He will analyze your scores and develop a personalized review plan to organize your study and deliver it to you by email. You can then focus your efforts on the material that is most likely to produce a passing score on your next attempt.

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What if my state also offers an adjusters license?
  •  Most adjusters who wish to be qualified to work a large geographic area find the widely accepted TX Adjuster License to be more valuable. Some states offer a state specific adjusters license.
  • Often these state specific licenses do not enjoy the broad reciprocity agreements with various states as does the Tx Adjuster License. 
  • If you have questions about state specific adjusters license please consult your respective Department of Insurance.

Why is the Texas Adjuster's License so highly valued?
  • Many states recognize the Texas Adjuster's license as valid in their own state because Tx was one of the1st states to establish high standards to earn and maintain an adjuster license.  
  • Take our online Texas adjuster's training & exam on line exam and upon successful completion, you are granted a Texas adjuster's license which is recognized by many states. 
  • Through reciprocity, you are licensed by proxy to operate in those 15 states which recognize the Texas Adjuster's license.
  • The TX Resident Adjuster license is considered the most valuable adjuster license in the country

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The All Lines Resident Adjuster License is the broadest adjuster license available and allows the adjuster to work with the following types of losses:
  • • Residential – this is homeowners and fire policies and is primarily dwelling risks
  • • Commercial – business property, churches, schools, etc.
  • • Auto – both personal and business auto
  • • Farm and Ranch – animals, crops, buildings,
  • • Inland Marine – valuable objects, cargo, docks, piers, bridges, transmission lines
  • • Ocean Marine – vessels for transportation, hull insurance, yacht policies
  • • Workers Compensation – Covers the Texas WC certification

What is an insurance adjuster?
  •  Basically an adjuster is one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement. individual employed by a property and casualty insurance company or an individual to settle claims on its behalf brought by an insured individual or company.
  •  The adjuster evaluates the merits of each claim and makes recommendations to the insurance company..

  • Being an adjuster offers job stability, flexibility and and the opportunity for a rewarding professional career. 
  • An ins adjuster can be a direct employee of an insurance company, or may also work for independent adjusting companies who contract for adjusting services with ins companies.  Other adjusters are their own independent contractors and contract their services to insurance companies or adjusting bureaus.  
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• Lead Instructor Bio: 
  • Jack Frick, CIC, CISR, AIS, M. Div. 
  • Jack has over 32 years of insurance industry experience that includes being a personal producer,  agency owner, sales manager,, commercial lines underwriter, field representative, claims adjuster, and Director of Training for a major insurance carrier.
  •  Jack holds over 14 years experience as an insurance pre licensing instructor. During his time as an instructor he has trained over 13,000 students with a 90%+ licensing exam pass rate. 
  • He has also been a co author of numerous insurance textbooks and served 9 years at the Nat'l Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, one of the nation's leading providers of advanced insurance designations.

  • This Texas adjuster course will prepare individuals for the Texas Property & Casualty Insurance Adjuster exam which is administered at the end of this course.
  •  This course  covers all foundational concepts related to property and casualty insurance adjusting, plus the very important Texas specific insurance laws and regulations provided by the TDI in relation to p & c insurance adjusting.  


  • Standard Fire Policy 
  • Commercial Lines Coverage 
  • Inland Marine 
  • Ocean Marine 
  • Auto Liability & Texas PAP 
  • Personal Lines Coverage with ISO & TX Forms HO-A, HO-B, and HO-C 
  • Additional Coverages, Exclusions, and Extensions 
  • Licensing Requirements (TX) 
  • Marketing Practices (TX) 
  • Adjuster Practices, Responsibilities, and Duties (TX) 
  • Bonds 
  • Insurance Terms and Related Concepts 

  •  Introduction 
  • : Insurance Basics 
  • : Adjusting Losses 
  • : Commercial Lines Coverage 
  •  Workers' Compensation 
  •  Homeowners & Dwelling Policies
  • : Personal & Business (Commercial) Automobile Insurance 
  • : Other Coverages
  •  Texas Statutes & Rules Common to Property & Casualty Insurance
  • : Adjuster Practices, Responsibilities & Duties
  •  Coverage for Homeowners, Automobile & Workers' Compensation 

Who is responsible for the licensing of Texas Insurance Adjusters?

  • The Licensing Division is responsible for the licensing and regulation of persons who wish to sell insurance or adjust property-casualty claims in the state of Texas.
  • At the end of August, 2007, there were 370,000 agents, agencies, and adjusters licensed. The Licensing Division processes license applications, renews licenses, registers appointments of agents by insurers, and regulates continuing education for licensees. 
  • The licensing of third party administrators and premium finance companies is also handled by the Licensing Division.

  • The Insurance Agent Pre-Licensing courses below are developed using the most up to date exam outline given by the Texas Department of Insurance and Thomson Prometric.
  •  No credit is given for the Agent L&H or P&C courses, as there is no requirement for pre-license study in the State of Texas.

  • The Texas Insurance Adjuster Property & Casualty Licensing Course & Exam listed below is approved by TDI for 360 training Inc. provider # 2700, course approval number 8675..

  • If you successfully pass the final at the end of the course you will also be eligible to receive your Texas Adjusters P&C License. Once the final is completed we will mail your Certificate of Completion within 5-7 business days. 



Texas Insurance ADJUSTER Property & Casualty Licensing Course & Exam 
approved by the Texas Department of Insurance


Texas Insurance ADJUSTER Property & Casualty Licensing Course & Exam approved by the Texas Department of Insurance
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